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Solutions and processes compliant with globally accepted certifications including ITIL, CoBIT, Visa, MasterCard, PMI.

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Providing on banking technologies covering Retail, Corporate, SME, self-service banking, web&mobile banking, gold products.

Project Management

Establish Project Management standards that allows organizations to govern an ability to process projects with certain targets.

R&D Management

R&D know how on TUBİTAK and EU projects on topics such as Document processing, cloud, anti-fraud and security systems.


Providing Software as a Service applications to provide customers Easy customization, better access and multitenant architecture.



Ensure confident and secure access on mobile and web platforms.


Integrated, omnichannel Ethical Core Banking Platform.


Integrated Software & Hardware extended Video Teller Machine solution.

Gold ATM

Enabling to sell Physical Gold at any existing ATMs.


Architecht ViPOS (Virtual Point of Sales) is an electronic payment service.


Provides all key concepts and functionality for an e-bank with its framework and UX.

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BOA Topology

BOA Topology

Gold ATM

Gold ATM

Internet Banking UI

Bankıng UI

XTM Branch

XTM Branch

XTM Hardware

XTM Hardware

Product Detaıls


Powerfactor digital identity solution for both mobile and web platforms will always ensure secure digital identity management not only in server side but also in client site.

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Bankıng Suıt

BOA is an integrated, omnichannel Ethical Core Banking Platform, including peripheral systems such as full BPM Suite, transactional Document Management System, HR, ERP and Reporting. Our end-to-end core banking platform and framework; has been certified by Bafin (IDW PS 880 - Die Prüfung von Softwareprodukten), and will be used as the core banking platform in KT Bank Germany and Vakıf Participation Bank

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Extreme Teller Machıne

XTM is an integrated Software & Hardware solution that enables you to provide financial services by combining the functionalities of "Video Conference Services" & "Self-Service Machines". Unmanned operating branch (XTM – Xtreme Video Transaction Machine) has gone live in 20 locations in Turkey

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Gold ATM

Architecht Gold ATM product sell Physical Gold at any existing ATMs to a bank's customers or non-customers. Gold ATM product proposal has been accepted by the TIIB bank in Yemen and the project has been initiated

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Vırtual Poınt of Sales

Architecht ViPOS (Virtual Point of Sales) is an electronic payment service provided by Banks that allows e-trader companies to collect credit card payments via web sites.

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Bankıng on Web

Internet branch solution provides all all key concepts and functionality for an e-bank with its framework and UX.

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Success Storıes

Architecht Team proudly announces the launch of digital branch XTM for Kuwait Finance House in Kuwait.

Architecht paves the way to digitalization with an increased pace in the Gulf Region.

Architecht team delivered full Banking platform solution named as BOA to Vakıf Participation Bank in just 3 months period. In the scope of successful rollout, Architecht team delivered also all channels like ATM, Internet Banking and Mobile Banking to ensure customer satisfaction in all channels.

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KT Participation Bank

Vakıf Participation Bank

Kuwaıt Fınance House






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