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The Best Employer of Türkiye

As the Architecht family, we have been among Türkiye's Best Employers for the last three years in our Great Place to Work® journey to create a better corporate culture and build a workplace culture with a high trust culture together with our valuable employees.

If you want to transform the world of the future with financial technologies, we are waiting for you.
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Some special policies prepared for our colleagues:

Flexible Working Hours

Our colleagues designate their own working hours.

Social Event from you, Budget on us

With this application, our colleagues can plan events with their teams and we undertake the costs.

Academic Award Incentive

Thanks to our academic reward incentive program, our colleagues are rewarded with both leave and wage support in their graduate and doctorate education. Graduation bonus is paid to our colleagues who earned a master's degree, and our colleagues who have a doctorate degree are paid doctoral compensation monthly. Academic publications such as articles and conference papers are also awarded within the scope of the award incentive system.


As Architecht, we offer career opportunities that will appeal to a wide audience, from university students to experienced professionals, with both domestic and international opportunities and a dynamic corporate management approach that follows world trends. With TeknoKampus, which offers university students a "real" experience in business life, the MT program for new graduates, and a career journey that supports continuous development, we make the biggest investment in people in Architecht.

Comprehensive Total Wage Packet

When you start a job in Architecht, you start to benefit from a competitive salary according to the market and a wide range of benefits as well as an annual bonus determined by your performance. Architecht contributes to increase your living standards with a private health insurance available anywhere in Türkiye, meal card, extensive fringe benefits package and language allowance according your English level. As we consider not only your current working life but also your retirement, today we contribute to your future with the corporate contribution personal pension payment (BES).

Talent Management

Architecht, by focusing on growth and growing day by day, continues to offer new career opportunities. Architecht employees become part of a planned organization from the first day of work. Our company positions each employee in the right position in line with their talents and goals. In this direction, the personal development of the employees is as essential as the strategic goals of Architecht.

Fair and Transparent Career Management

In the career program implemented at Architecht, the Career Policy, which is created by considering the expectations of the employees with market practices and is accessible to every employee, is taken into consideration. The transition of employees who stand out with their high performance to a higher title is considered as part of Career Policy. In these evaluations, personal development support practices that are specialized on the basis of position are also taken into consideration.

We Stand By Our Colleagues

Architecht, which puts people in the focus in business processes, knows that its most fundamental value is its employees and shapes its policies in line with this understanding. Architecht believes that customer satisfaction is a natural result of employee satisfaction since its establishment and shapes its human resources policy in line with this understanding. A working environment where employees are happy, comfortable and feel valued is among Architecht's priorities.


It is a long-term part-time study program for 3rd and 4th-year university students who want to build a career in Information Technologies. While our friends experience a natural working environment, their development and training are closely monitored with the mentor system. They are also given priority in employment after graduation. With this program, we aim to train our personnel in Information Technologies while they are still students.

Applications are made through our HR platform After the application, if you meet the criteria, you will be invited to an interview. If you go through this process successfully, you will complete the process by experiencing a technical interview.